About the cover of The Knot issue


The Reef Knot graces the cover of our first issue of Hand and Hand. Photographed by Marko Metzinger, an avid sailor and knotter, who also happens to be a talented professional photographer.  We asked him to tell us a little bit about this knot.

"The Reef Knot is also known as the Square Knot. It’s basically the knot we are taught to use to tie our shoes, except I've learned that most of us tie it incorrectly.  When you make this mistake its affectionately known as The Granny Knot. If you find your laces coming undone regularly, then you’re probably tying a Granny Knot. Learn how to tie a Reef Knot instead and they won't come undone."

Check out our first issue on Tuesday to see Marko's photo essay, and learn more about the knots he photographed.