The Tied Quilt

Picture 3.png

This simple quilt was the very first of the articles and projects for The Knot issue. Luxurious materials are used for this minimal play on the traditional tied quilt.  Here at Hand and Hand we think tied quilts get a bad wrap in the craft community because they're so easy to make. Instead we think their texture and simplicity – think form and function – ranks right up there with the very coziest of blankets.

This project is an excellent first quilt, and can actually be completed totally by hand if you don't have a sewing machine. Only the binding requires any traditional stitching, the rest of the construction is exclusively knots! Now, if you're an experienced sewer, this is a super quick and fun project to tackle. You'll love the chance to play with the materials we have selected.

Read a bit more about this project on Carrie's blog, and get your hands on The Knot issue to make your own.

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